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About company

Since 2008 our company has been the only one in Poland and one of the first in the world that has undertaken a wide range of commercial activities related to security protection of maritime transport in the Horn of Africa area due to the increasing number of pirate attacks in that period. Shipowners, as well as CSOs, captains and SSO received our weekly and monthly reports pointing the activities of pirates and their modus operandi. Then, we taught the captains, officers and ship crews how to face the passage through HRA. As soon as the armed ship protection teams was approved in 2010 we have been one of the best trained and leading MSOs training companies and actually the only of this kind in Poland for several years. In 2012 we started to operate as the first and so far the only Polish company that offered armed ship protection with MT CHEM HYDRA MV as our first client going through HRA, and since then our professional activities have been highly regarded by many shipowners. Our partners in the field of security include Polish shipowners: PŻM (Polish Steamship Company), Chipolbrok and Unibaltic, as well as some overseas companies: ACE TANKERS, Green Reefers, Hansa Shipping.

Our company has been also specializing not only in training but also in head hunting for the world’s best PMSC companies and has been cooperating with the largest company in Greece – Diaplous acting also as their sole representative in Poland.

Since 2010, Maritime Safety & Security Training Center has been recognized by the Maritime Administration, and in January 2011, it was awarded as the only training company in Poland ISO 9001: 2008 certified by Lloyd’s Register, which covers:
– MarSec Operations Management;
– armed and unarmed vessel protection
as well as,
– Maritime safety and HR security consultancy;
– organizing the supply of special tactical and maritime security equipment.
The Maritime Safety & Security training centre has been hosting
STCW / IMO, Marsec Operators and seafarers courses. More information on the courses is available in TRAINING bookmark.